WHY? live in February. They are currently on tour and no matter what kind of music you usually seek out, you should catch this show. I cannot stress enough how great it is to see these sounds and words being made.
Also front-man Yoni Wolf has a tumblr where he has recently been incredibly candid and accessible and funny.  

One time I messaged Yoni on facebook saying they should make WHY? shirts for dogs

❝Men and women might yet quote his modicum of the truth.
But never will they get right close to Jonathan Avram Wolf.❞

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Sole - Center City Featuring Why?

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i got to see WHY? play last night—it was incredible. way too good. beautiful, inspiring, depressing, nostalgic, fantastic, ridiculous. they opened with the coolest arrangement of “Waterfalls” that i can imagine happening and i pretty much died. the one in this video is totally different, but it’s also rad, listen to it.

(also i ran into this guy there who said he heard about WHY? and was at the show because of the cover of “Simeon’s Dilemma” that i did. so that was pretty awesome. if you should happen to be reading this, thanks for saying hi!)

i’m assuming that anyone reading this either just saw or is already planning to go see them play if they’re touring anywhere near them, but, still: go see this band. they are the best.





SF & OAKLAND! MARCH 5th and 6th!!!!!

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fucking best night of my life. fourth girl to left of yoni = me. <3

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